The Shop

owner_brianWhen the idea of Philthy Clean Tattoo came about, shop co-founders and co-owners Brian and Berenice Thompson had the idea of creating a tattoo shop that will not only focus on quality tattooing but will commit to exceeding anyone’s expectations on what a tattoo shop experience is like.

Our commitment is to provide a clean and sterile professional environment with an urban style feel. We have a passion for art and creativity and we most definitely feel committed to all of our clients to provide them with excellent quality tattooing and customer service. We are fortunate to have amazing artists on our team, people that not only have the experience and the skill to create amazing work but also continue to learn, grow and excel as artists.

Our team came to Berkeley with the idea of providing a fresh new face of tattooing in this part of the Bay area. We want to bring our urban style to this area and give everyone more exposure and availability to Urban art expression. We are extremely versatile and have years of experience in various styles of tattooing; anything from Black and gray, Photo realism, Japanese, Tribal, Traditional, Portraits, Lettering and of course Urban art work.